Widows Empowerment Initiative

Widows Empowerment Initiative

The plight of widows in Nigeria world reveals that there are an estimated 15 million widows nationwide, 14.75 million of who live in poverty, suffer from social stigmatization and economic deprivation purely because they have lost their husbands; according to the research presented to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on June 22nd, 2010.

The phenomenon of widowhood is yet to be understood, across different cultures in Nigeria, there exist harmful traditional widowhood practices which have attracted the attention of the global struggle in general on violence against women.

At FTVF, we have a program which makes these individuals independent, it starts with a round table meeting with them, then they are asked to fill in their agreed options which could be entrepreneurship, farming or a skill they have always longed to learn which they believe would add value to their lives or make them earn enough to take care of themselves and their wards.


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