Become A VOlunteer

How to Volunteer at FTVF

Volunteers play a vital role in the success of our local pilot projects and we strive to find opportunities that match your skills and interests. Every volunteer experience is a little different. Here are some things you might do as a volunteer:

Volunteer with our regional projects

If you are interested in volunteering with one of our FTVF local projects, please note that we are in 32 out of 36 states in Nigeria, sign up to be one of our own in a project is closest to you. On our about us pages you will find more detail about what is being done and how you can help.

Research opportunities

Are you a researcher studying food insecurity, health and nutrition, public policy, or the food sector? We would love to work with you. For more information about the kinds of studies we are keen to get started on please contact us at We welcome direct research proposals and would be happy to discuss how we might assist you.

Writing and Photography

Are you a skilled storyteller looking to build up your portfolio? We are always looking for writers and photographers to help bring the reality of food insecurity to life and showcase the incredible work being done across our network. If you have a story, article, or photography project you would like to pitch please contact us at We are always looking for grant writers as well, if you think you can help us apply for some grants, kindly contact us as soon as possible and let’s get started already.

Do Something

Targeted toward youths, kids with special needs, individuals at the IDP camps, and those individuals battling with their mental health, we connects volunteers with fun and simple projects like virtually sharing stress-management tips, virtual therapy, chatting and making our senior citizens happy while they are battling with depression, online yoga and exercise with those depressed due to their weight etc.

Delivering meals

With the pandemic still very much around, many communities sheltering in the internally displaced homes, you can help make sure our most vulnerable neighbors have the food they need while staying safe.

Volunteering from home

We always need online warriors, we would love to have some of our campaigns being blown up on social media by our volunteers, this really helps our fundraisers and awareness goal.

Volunteer Online

The pandemic lockdown and being quarantined at home has affected everything in our lives, including the ability to give back to our communities. Fortunately, FTVF recruits volunteers who makes an impact without ever leaving their houses. Here are 5 things you can do for us as our online volunteer

Sorting and packing

You can keep help with assembling boxes of food for distribution, assisting at mobile pantries during outreaches, drive-thru pantries, and no-contact distributions. You can as well help your neighbors feed their families.

Help in Higher Education

We have on our pool students who needs help with their research project, they are currently in either a Nigerian universities outside Nigeria. You can.sign up as one of our virtual tutors to help them achieve their dreams. Even if it guiding them towards how to collate data or write a good research proposal.

Use Your Voice

Record your voice to help a person with speechlessness communicate using a voice that more closely matches their personality (avoiding, for example, a young girl communicating via a speech device that uses the voice of a grown man).

Teach Others

As a way of adding value to our volunteers, we always look out for those who can virtually teach personal finance, web design, software and more to our volunteers who are currently undergraduates and some still administering their graduate programs who need to find a job or build skills, helping them create impact through technology and education.
Be Someone’s Eyes – Help the individuals with disabilities virtually, we have in the past have our volunteer help a blind and limited-sight people with everyday tasks like reading the contents of canned food, finding their missing dog toy, text or put a call through.

Choose how you want to volunteer

Celebrating Our Volunteers

Employment Opportunities

A few of the companies we have had charity team building events with: