Quick Emergency Response

As part of our programs, we undertake disaster relief activities to ease the suffering caused by a disaster. We have been seen by the victims in about five states in Nigeria, our last experience was the Sokoto Flood, we played roles in the lives of those affected. Some of the emergency assistance includes fixed/mobile feeding stations, shelter, cleaning supplies, comfort kits, first aid, blood and blood products, food, clothing, emergency transportation, rent, home repairs, household items, and medical supplies.

Additional assistance for long-term recovery may be provided when other relief assistance and/or personal resources are not adequate to meet disaster-caused needs.

In 2020, we joined some NGOs to provide volunteers to clean up debris and to build a temporary tent for disaster survivors who lack sufficient resources to rent another apartment. Working with long term recovery committees, our volunteers visits these individuals until they have been fed and feels safe. The presence of our volunteer work helps to ease the trauma that is felt in the aftermath of a disaster.


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