Diabetics Aid

Diabetics Aid

Our vision is to alleviate human suffering related to diabetes among those in greatest need, this is a two days event, every November 13th and 14th we sensitize, test for hypertension, type one and type two diabetes, we have been doing this for 5 years and this impact has been felt by over a thousand Nigerians living with either type one or type two diabetes.

World Diabetes Day in no doubt offers a great opportunity to alert the public that the scourge of diabetes is attaining a dangerous dimension in the country as many people can no longer afford their medications and routines to effectively control their condition.

“Children living with diabetes most of whom must be on regular insulin injections are also badly affected by the situation as many parents either reduce doses or stop administering injections as the cost of insulin, a vital component of diabetes management has risen by over 40 per cent in the last six months. A vial of insulin now costs between N6,000 and N12,000 in different parts of the country.”

On these two days, we sensitize over 200 individuals and we hand medications to them, our medical team also prescribe medication or advice some of the beneficiaries to see a doctor as soon as possible where the case is critical.

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For Nigerian donors, make a transfer with the following details

Account Name: Feed The Vulnerable Families Foundation
Account Number: 2035844969
Bank Name: First Bank

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