Blood Donation Drive

Blood Donation Drive

The need to carry out this program was inspired by one of our volunteers in 2019, hence we launch a monthly blood donation campaign to address the dire need for blood supply. We blow up the campaign online and calling for donors — one of our slogan for this event is that essential blood donors and heroes — register today to donate blood and save three lives.

Donating blood is an excellent opportunity for healthy donors to give back to those who need it most. And for those who are unable to donate, pledging your support is just as important. Inspire your friends, family, and colleagues to go out and donate at a blood center near them!

When we donate blood, we donate love.

Donate Towards This Cause

For Nigerian donors, make a transfer with the following details

Account Name: Feed The Vulnerable Families Foundation
Account Number: 2035844969
Bank Name: First Bank

For international donors, use the button below